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Signs That Your Home Might Be at Risk From Asbestos

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral found in the construction of buildings, houses, and ships because the Industrial Revolution, and it can be dangerous to a person's health to be constantly exposed to such materials for extended periods of time. During the last few decades, asbestos has been proven by studies and scientific research as the main cause of several types of lung and stomach cancers, mesothelioma (a rare sort of cancer that afflicts the lining of the major organs of the body), and asbestosis, that will be also called asbestos poisoning and scars the tissues of the lungs. Asbestos fibers are extremely sharp and they are able to puncture and penetrate the tissues of the lungs once they're inhaled.

Asbestos can be found in your house or host to residence even without you knowing it. Here really are a few signs that the structure you are residing in may be contaminated with this specific highly hazardous mineral:


• The age of the home. Though asbestos is really a big health hazard to humans and animals alike, homebuilders aren't alert to the dangers it will pose until the in 1970's. If your house you are still living in was built between the 1930's and the 1950's, there's a large possibility your house was constructed with asbestos-laced materials. In the past, asbestos was often found in roof shingles, ceiling and wall insulation, and other materials that needed fireproofing and heat-resistant qualities

• Vermiculate ore. Several decades ago, vermiculate ore was often used to create attic and wall insulations. This unique type of ore, which was sourced from Libby, Montana, is proven to contain asbestos (as discovered by the Environmental Protection Agency). company website it is very important for you really to find out what kind of insulation was used in your house to avoid experience of asbestos.

• Gas-fired fireplaces. This sort of fireplace uses artificial embers and ashes to simulate the standard fireplace experience, and these artificial components may contain asbestos. Asbestos has excellent fire and heat resistant qualities, so it is not unusual to locate this mineral in artificial embers and ashes.

• Oil and coal furnaces. Houses and buildings designed with oil or coal furnaces will often have high amounts of asbestos that can pose numerous health risks to the occupants. These furnaces, in addition to the doorway gaskets attached for them, might purchased asbestos as a major component. They could also asbestos fibers that will easily spread to the remaining portion of the building and endanger all of the occupants, especially children and the elderly.


If your house has some of these signs, you ought to immediately contact a specialist to inspect your home. Likewise, you shouldn't try to eliminate any insulation or panel that you suspect contains asbestos. This is a job that needs to be left to the professionals who have advanced levels of skills and the specialized knowledge on how to safely remove materials with asbestos and decontaminate the area. Or even removed properly, these materials will release fibers and particles to the air-deadly particles that are very dangerous to the health.